Ingenious: How you set your thread tension with a simple trick and also you get here: How you become a SERGER-PROFESSIONAL and let all your serger problems, easy and fast behind you.

Let’s be honest…

You’re here, because you have problems with your serger, right? For example, you can’t set your thread tension, or your serger-stitches are not correct or unclean. Your sewing project looks bad and not how you imagine. You’re annoyed and frustrated, because nothing wants to work properly.

As promised: Here i tell you an unique and simple “Serger HACK”,where you can set your thread tension without much effort and knowledge. You will be suprised and you will be ask yourself: “Why didn’t I come up with this myself”?“.

More: Learn, why 90% of serger owners, not solved their own serger problems and what you should do differently, that your serger work to 100%.

Find out which unique opportunities you get with your serger, when you know what to do.

And why you wasted your time by far .


Why i’m 100% be honest with you and not want to tell you any nonsense.

This here is not an unserious subscription-modell or something, where you pay a lot of money per month. Like these gurus out there, just for some informations they doesnt’t help and they’ll make you just confused.

Far from it, let us not delude ourselves!

I wanna help you to learn how it’s the best way to sew with your serger. So that you easier and faster done your sewing-projects.

There is a simple method to manage you thread tension and i wanna show you this easy method now, without reacting bitchy how it is, in some Facebookgroups or forums. 😉

Well, let us start now and see a clean serger stitch looks like:

So, this is the left needle. Here you must be sure, that the stitch sew in equally steps and the thread is fitting on the fabric, so there an not any loops or something.

Exactly the same with the right needle:

The seam pattern must be look the same as the left needle. So, no loops and a nice clean fit on the fabric.

Now, let us check the upper looper.

The upper looper formed this beautiful loops. You can see it on this picture, that the thread tension is right, because the seam fits nicely on the edge of the fabric. That means, if these loops are wider than the edge of the farbic, there is something wrong with your thread tension, or in this case there is something wrong with the upper looper. 😉

Now we see the backside, there is the lower looper:

The lower looper makes little V-Loops. If your seam is exactly the same like on this picture, you know that your lower looper is set correctly. Also the seam fits on the fabric edge, like the upper looper. So it’s the same, how i told you before: “If these loops are wider than the edge of the fabric, there is something wrong with your thread tension.

NOW the promised Hack!

How you can see now, which winder you setting, that you thread tension is correct?

Normaly you takes the serger thread with the same color, right? Now, this time you change the first serger thread against another color and sew a test seam. If the seam looks right, you change to the second serger thread and sew the next test seam and so on.

Of course the fastest way is, when you have for every serger thread a different color. So you can see directly at which color the thread tension isn’t correct and set the winder tighter or of course more loosely, just what is needed for.

A little example:

You can see on this picture, i had all serger threads in the same color, only the upper looper has the green color (It was green, but it look likes it’s yellow on this picture). I can see that the upper looper isn’t right, because the loops going over the edge of the fabric. So i know now on which winder i must rotate and what direction. In this case the tension must be a bit tighter.

Simple, but quite effective!

If you want, you can see this hole Hack here also on Video with me:


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Et Voilà! Now you have learned something new and no fairy tales or something, just sound knowledge. 😉

If you asked yourself: “Who is this Woman and why is she doing this?”

Hi, my name is Jana and since more than 5 years i’ve got a big love to my serger and my successful serger blog. 😉

I helped a lot of people to set their serger, so they can sew stress-free and done their own sewing project.

At the beginning of my sewing career, was my big problem the thread tension as well.

I tried everything, to solved my serger  problem!

New serger thread, serveral settings, new needles, serger thread from different brands…

All cost much time and my results were just frustrated.

I was demotivated, had not much fun anymore, destroyed fabric and felt like a dump.

And i said to myself: “Hey, why i started with sewing?”

Honestly: As creative seamstresses, we want more, otherwise we could buy our clothes in a store.

We want to be creative, proud of our self , fun with our sewing projects and we want to be recognized for this what we sew. And i said to myself:”I want to successfully complete my sewing project!”

The bad thing is:  If  you can’t manage yourself, because you got no experience and no knowledge, it’s very depressing and robs you a lot of energy and time. May it sometimes felt like crying.

Sum up: I would send my serger back to the dealer and throw it all down. How should i sew like a professional without any experience?

Of course it’s not possible!

Well, you have learned a simple hack to set your thread tension.

Even this is just a little part of that what you know about a serger.

Why isn’t there someone and a course who can help every time. Where you can learn to be fast and simple an serger professionel, without to pay a lot of money?

And exactly that is my goal!

I mean a course is not a magic pill that you take and: “PENG! You know now everything about a serger!”. That’s of course not possible, also if some guys try to tell you that. It’s nonsense and it is lied at all.

And i won’t to tell you, like in some sewing forums: “Rotate the winder a bit, or buy some new serger thread.” These tips helps just that you lose your money and your thread tension isn’t still right.

My Team and I want to create a course, that give you knowledge about a serger and where is someone who can help and answer your particular questions.

So you are not alone and get stuck with you problems.

I figured out the biggest achievements to sew with an serger. There are particularity three PLUS one problems:

  • Thread tension.
  • Stiches be left out.
  • The thread breaks constantly.
  • There is no serger-professionell next to you with a lot of experience.



My Serger-Team and I, have taken up the challenge, to make it easy and comfortable for you! 

Easy and comfortable means for us:

You learn fast and easy, further hacks and tricks, where you level up your sewing skills with more techniques, so you get even more fun to sew with your serger.

I’m on your site and you can ask me your serger questions. PLUS: If you have a special question, you get an answer video.

You learn how you work with your serger without any stress or gets annoying.

You didn’t waste your time anymore and you can concentrate about this what promote your creativity.


I’ll present you, may the only English course that shows exactly, which way you have to go where you solve in the shortest time your serger problems and have more fun to sew.

Tested for you: How you can get massive overlock knowledge within 30 days.

Hey Jana,

many thanks. I’ve got set my serger in two day and after i finished my jersey-dress. It works for me.

Many thanks Corina.

Hello Jana,

you concept is very great. I could learn so much.Your system works like a building kit, just look a lesson and imitate and you get success. Thank you.


Dear Jana, thank you for your course. During this time I watched the lessons and videos on the Internet very often and now I also bought a new serger. I am 65 years old … I find it reassuring to use your tips and lessons.

Best regards, Gisela

Hello, your courses are great and I’ve also learned a lot. Greetings from Katy


The Serger Master Course is quite simple:

You get 13-Video Lessons, which you can look comfortable at home on your smartphone, tablet etc..

If you have a special problem and you cannot find an answer, contact me via E-Mail or comment your question in the password-protected VIP-Area.

We answer you how fast we can, to solve your Problem and make a answer video your problem, where we show you how you can solve your serger problem in the fastest way.

It’s great: You learn fast with the “Serger Master Course” and have always a backup, if you do not know further.


Serger problems are things for the past!

Proof: Babys learn through observation and imitation. The same applies for adults. When everybody re-invent the wheel, we never have arrived at where we are today.

Take the shortcut: Benefit from my serger knowledge, just copy my skills and save precious time.

Don’t waste your time, to figured out things  by your self, just you can look up it easy in the “Serger Master Course”.



All in one place, no searching any in the world wide web!


All benefits from the Serger-Master Course in a nutshell:

  • Simple Video-Lessions, you can watch during you sew. for example on a smartphone, tablet etc.
  • You didn’t waste your time anymore, because you know by yourself what you must do.
  • No subscription-model or something. You pay just one Time and get the complete access, for the rest of your life, including all updates and bonus videos i will make in the future.
  • Your personal support, where we together solve your serger problems. Furthermore you get extra bonus videos they help you.


More benefits:

  • You will learn with simple tricks and techniques to level up your sewing skills and get so more fun to sew.
  • Learn, which unique opportunities you get, if you know what you must do.
  • Why 90% of the serger owner can’t solve their serger problems and what you should do different, what your serger works 100%.
  • You will learn how you finish your sewing project fast, what all previous sewing projects put in the shade.
  • Learn the biggest problems you can have with your serger and what you needed to get an improvement immediately.
  • Why it wasn’t so easy, using serger knowledge from a serger professional.
  • Find out, which reasons also make a false thread tension.
  • How did you manage, very quick, to set you serger machine if your fabric have a various thickness.
  • Use the 2 and 3 thread technique, its particular interesting if you sew with thin fabric or rather blouse fabric.
  • You get professional tips, where i show you, how you solve your serger problems everytime.


The “Serger-Master Course” in the easiest and fastest way for a long-term success with the sergermachine.


One thing i will tell you clearly before:

That what i want to teach you, are not some “magic tricks” or something. What you learn is just sound knowledge what all the serger professionals using out there.

Only here and now i want present you my offer:

You have proven now, that you would become a serger professional, otherwise you haven’t read this up to here, so you get special pattern-packages on top today!

I want to ensure that you really enjoy this here and you really reach your goal.

The Pattern packages

You get a special Sewing-Patterns:

    • Pattern: Baggy trousers, US-Size: 4 – 26
    • Patterns: Warming shoes, US-Size: 3 – 11, 13 -16
    • Pattern: Longsleeve-Shirt “Claire”, US-Size: 4 – 26
    • Pattern: Blouse “Elly”, US-Size: 2 – 26
    • Pattern: Hoodie, US-Size: 2 – 26


So you save money and time, because you didn’t search in the internet for these sewing-patterns.

You get additional to the “Serger-Master Course”, for free. So you have always an inspiration and the right pattern on your site.

You see: I did great work to make sure that you have it easy and stress-free to get this serger knowledge that you need to become a serger professionel.



Serger-Master-Course – 100% Money-Back-Guarantee!

And what’s more: I told you at the beginning, that there many gurus running out there, with their unserious subscription business.

You might wonder how this “Serger-Master Course” help you and really solve you serger problems. Especially can you trust this here 100%?

I’m pretty sure!

Nowhere else in the internet, is all this knowledge on one place in conjunction with a professional assistance. So, that i’ll give you a save guarantee like this here:

You testing the “Serger-Master Course” You can return the “Serger Master Course” within 60 days without having to state your reasons.  For that, just write us an e-mail to:

Yes, exactly!

Should you for some reason unsatisfied with my system or video-tutorials, or nothing really helped you to solve your problems. Then send me an E-Mail within 30 days (from the date of purchase) and you get your money 100% back!

Have you any questions, of course you can write me anytime.

You can find my E-Mail address ( on my blog or also in the mail with your personal access data.

I check my mails several times a day and i love it, to help beginners, to solve their serger problems.

You see: I couldn’t gave you such a solid guarantee like this, when i’m and thousand other people out there, were not successful and confident with the “Serger-Master Course”.



But a word of warning: If you are interested, then you should act now and i tell you why!

First: I’ll give you the patterns just only 3 days for free, after these 3 days the pattern costs the regular price again.

Secondly: I can promise, that we answer all your serger-questions in the “Serger Master Course”.

Thirdly: This offer here is just available for a certain period of time. As soon as the questions in the “Serger Master Course” were too much, this offer here will temporarily cease to exist because I can not take care of thousand people at the same time. I would also like to take time for you and your questions.

Click now on the button and save your access!

Your privacy is completely protected.

The order is safe and discreet. Your data will not be shared with thirds!

The access is digital and you get after your order your access data.

I’ll be happy to get to know you in the member area and solve your serger problems.

If you don’t see a button on this page right now, the access to the “Serger Master Course” is initially closed.


Let me answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ):

“Do I need a special serger or is this course intended for any sergermachine?”

No matter what brand, no matter how old or young your sergermachine is. This serger course is for anyone who owns an serger.

“Does the “Serger-Master Course” cost me money every month?”

No, you only make this one time payment and have full access for the rest of your life, including all future updates and bonus videos.

“Is there a support?”

Yes, you can always ask me your questions and I will answer them as soon as possible.

“Can I use this offer later?”

Unfortunately I can not guarantee that.

This offer will be online just for a certain period of time, if there are too many questions, the offer will be not longer available.

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